Exchange Server 2003 2000 2007 control / monitor
Exchange Server Compliance and Content for internal and outgoing messages
Exchange Server virus threat malware information leaks

SecurExchange Version 2.1:

> 100% email coverage & protection
   - Internal, outgoing, incoming, and
     mailbox search

> Smart Action Triggers™
   - over 17 standard control actions
   - able to detect and prevent

> Concept-based content inspection
   - ultimate accuracy and flexibility
     over keyword scanning programs

> Secure email (S-MIME)
   - automatic, policy driven
     encryption and digital signing

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DSS - PCI Compliance for Exchange Server.

Economic downturn squeezing your budget?學 now offers monthly subscriptions and SecurExchange 鴥�ular-based prices.

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Exchange Server internal, outbound, outgoing content mailbox
Exchange Server outbound, outgoing, inbound content control
Exchange Server smime encryption
Exchange disclaimer signature
Exchange imf whitelist white list

鴨out a doubt, Nemx’s SecurExchange features some of the most complete and comprehensive content analysis techniques and capabilities of any product I’ve seen in the market.

Its unique concept scanning is far more effective and context sensitive than the key word/phrase and limited semantic techniques used in many products.쯥m>

Michael Osterman, Osterman Research

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